Rex Mundi
Thought this might tie into this conversation a little Francis Chan Gets Powerfully Honest On Why He Left His MegaChurch


The former megachurch pastor had it all, in terms of Christian success, but he was not happy inside...
Rex Mundi
A video of the above

Francis Chan - Why Francis Chan Left His Megachurch - Facebook Live
by Sermon Library on YouTube
Rex Mundi
Ok I made it all the way through the video. I have never heard of this guy before but I kind of like what he says here. For a good many years I was involved in "home church" of a  sort. It is a lot more intimate and a lot more real than the Sunday dance. Truth is that I can do without the Sunday dance and parade but I do miss home church immensely.

To tie this into the topic at hand--- social media applications can be used in the home church environment. Can they replace the gathering together? Not really but they can be a tool in the toolbox to augment the "one another" aspect that Mr Chan talks about in this video.